10 Mar 2021

Easy-Clean Rotary Airlock: Tool-less quick & easy operation

By Team Anval
Anval recently launched new Easy-Clean Rotary Airlock which is designed specifically for applications where frequent & quick cleaning of valve internals is necessary.

These valves can be used for contamination-sensitive applications where frequent disassembly and cleaning is required. All RE Series valves are specifically suited for Food, Mineral, Plastics and Chemical applications.

Anval RE Series valve is available in fully Casted Single piece Stainless Steel construction, by Lost-wax process, with Mirror Finish internals and surfaces machined to high precision to prevent corrosion, rust or stain problems and free of dead spots to keep the material without contamination. The Mirror Finish internals helps the cleaning process easier, effective and convenience in cleaning, thus increasing operational efficiency while handling Sticky, Cloggy, and Hygroscopic applications.

The RE Series Rotary valves permit Safe & Tool-less removal of the internal components as one single piece for quick and easy cleaning. This eliminates time-consuming steps during opening and reassembly of internals instead of spending a long maintenance time. Upon reassembly, the Rotor and engages automatically without any complex adjustments and it maintains the original clearance values.
The RE Series rotors are perfectly designed and manufactured to have a close radial and axial clearance of 0.20 mm (max.) It comes with open-end style as standard.

These valves are CE marked and designed in compliance with the provisions of all applicable Health & Safety Requirements across globe. Easy-Clean Valves are also available in compliant with the requirement of ATEX Directive.


  • Investment casting for excellent surface finish
  • Easy Dismantling, Cleaning, and Reassembly
  • “Labyrinth Seals” for the high degree of shaft sealing
  • Mirror finish internals
  • Single piece Cast Construction, by Lost-Wax Process, with universal flange
  • Direct Drive Construction
  • Available with Gas or Grease purging options
  • Comes in varies opening sizes
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Suited for Food, Mineral, Plastics, Pharmaceutical and Chemical applications